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APRIL Group is one of the largest, most technologically advanced and efficient makers of pulp and paper products in the world. - See more at:

Asia Pacific Resources International Holdings Ltd (APRIL), is a member of RGE Group which was founded by Sukanto Tanoto in 1973. Under his leadership, RGE Group has grown into a global group employing more than 50,000 people, with assets totalling more than US$15 billion and worldwide sales reach.

An advocate of a responsible corporate citizenship, APRIL and its subsidiaries (APRIL Group) embraces Mr. Sukanto Tanoto's 4C's: that is, to operate in a manner that is good for Community, good for Country, good for Climate and good for Company. Accordingly, corporate social responsibility is woven into APRIL Group’s operations and management to advance environmental and community development and to fulfil the social responsibilities of a corporation. The Tanoto Foundation, established in 1981, implements this vision. 

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PAPER ONE Copier, Hochweißes 159° CIE High Quality Papier
PAPER ONE Copier, Hochweißes 159° CIE High...
Paper One Copier - TOP-PERFORMANCE AUF ALLEN MODERNEN BÜROGERÄTEN Hochweisses Multi- Kopierpapier mit multifunktionalen Laufeigenschaften.Auch für Farblaser geeignet. .Schont Ihre Büromaschinen durch weniger Papierstaub und Abrieb. Eine...
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